Well in my journey i’ve added a new chapter, I started learning about the node.js hehe. Even if I am familiar with it for about 2 years ago, I never actually got to the point of paying attention I could say. Recently after watching a conference from linked in dev team I actually got to research of what node.js is capable of. Benchmarks comparing the node with php, it’s something else. Most of them aren’t actually in a real environment, but from how I see things I think node.js is way superior than the php. Mostly because of the non-blocking I/O that comes in hand when you are for example connecting to a database, or you want to process some data.

Even if there are ways to introduce parallel threads in php, it’s not capable to handle data as well as node.js when it comes to big things, and mostly due to the limitations of the I/O.

I’ll start learning how to use node.js and probably develop something nice for my fans icon smile Node.js, a new chapter


//the var_dump of $m will show that the matched digit will be 1 instead of 12

Well i was trying to do a basic regex between 2 things, and i’m not sure why this thing happends, instead of getting result of 12 as i was expecting i keep getting only 1 digit. My question is why the heck it’s not fetching first 2 digits first and if it’s not capable of finding those to go and fetch first one ?

Well plenty of people are having probably the same issue as I have, too many blog comments from bots. Akismet or any other plugin currently doesn’t have a big database with ips to block proxies. Best way to prevent spam is to have some of the following implementation in the future versions of wordpress, i propose the following:

  1. Big database with proxies, preventing anyone from those. Most of the times bots use them.
  2. Domain holder from email to be dns checked, any address that doesn’t responds means it’s fake
  3. If it’s passing all 2 steps above, another one is to implement an email verification system

So what do you think about these 3 steps that could be created really quick (except the scraping of public proxies).

Well I had some trouble in the past month with ddos attacks from some crazy kids, I don’t really consider them hackers because all they do is flood with some bots. Sadly my network didn’t had that much bandwidth to cover all the attack so I had to get some professional help.

After spending plenty of hours I used anti ddos service from, because it really had some great reviews. My ddos attack was at arround 2.5gbps and with his package I was able to stop the attacker and to have my website running normally.

I can’t tell you how happy I was when i saw my website up and running when it was under a ddos attack. Hehe, it’s like yeah, i won this round icon smile Protection against ddos attack? !

So for anyone else in trouble i suggest using r00t-services because it’s really a great service when it comes to this kind of attacks.

Am tot avut probleme saptaman aceasta si de aceea nu prea am postat nimic nou. Din cauza masinii de spalat am avut de treaba toata saptamana. Am stat si am cautat pe la service-uri oameni ca sa ma tot amane si sa faca treaba partial, dar cu ceva mai mult noroc am dat de si am reusit sa obtin de acolo un om care sa-mi ofere un serviciu de reparat electrocasnice pentru mine.

Culmea e ca eu pierdusem 4 zile cu cei care-i luasem de printr-un director aiurea, iar dincoace am sunat direct omu, a venit acasa si mi-a reparat masina de spalat in mai putin de 20 de minute. Am avut noroc ca s-a terminat asa si nu a fost ceva mai grav, plus ca toata afacerea asta m-a costat 150 roni. Nu prea imi era mie sa-mi iau alta masina ca abia economisisem ceva bani acum.

In concluzie eu sunt super multumit de site-ul lor, si-l recomand tuturor celor care au mai avut sau vor avea astfel de probleme, nu are rost sa te legi la cap cu niste servicii de 2 lei cand poti suna direct omul fara alti intermediari.

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